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1. How can I contact autocrony?
Just send us an email at any time. Our email contact is .

2. My LED [third brake light] is burned out on my spoiler, what's the replacement light I need and what's the part number?
First of all make sure it's a JSP spoiler, we can only service JSP spoilers as other manufactures use different LED lights. If possible give us the part number of the spoiler or the model and year of your car as well as the exact dimensions of the LED, the width, the length, depth and also the number of little lights [LED's] inside the light.

3. There are stickers or screws missing from the spoiler I just purchased what do I do?
Please go back to us and we will contact the manufacturer to order the necessary items that are missing.

4. I can't find a spoiler for my car but I know that one fits, what do I do?
Measure your car trunk lid, lengthwise as well as from the back of the glass to the end of the trunk. State if your trunk is rounded, curved or anything out of the ordinary would be helpful as well. With this information, you can then contact us by email at:


1. I'm receiving the error message 3004 when clicking on the Add to Cart button.
We use PayPal service as payment option, error 3004 is a paypal website error. Paypal customer service recommend try again if these errors occur, or try at a latter time. We'll appreciate if you Contact us when the problem occur, we apologize for the inconvenience it may cause.

2. I'm receiving the message "The recipient of this shopping cart link is not an approved shopping cart user" when initiaing a payment.
To order through Paypal, it's essential that your browser accepts cookies (most do). Otherwise, you will get the unhelpfull error message: "The recipient of this shopping cart link is not an approved shopping cart user". Please Contact us if you need assistance to enable cookies for the browser version you are using. We apologize for the inconvenience it may cause.


1. Why aren't the edges on your hoods and trunks "rolled" like other manufactures?
Most rolled edges out on the market are nice to look at but they reduce the integrity and durability of your hood or trunk. These "rolled" edges are thicker than the rest of the part; therefore the part will react differently in those areas over time due to temperature changes (winter/summer). This usually leads to yellowing or clouding edges, as well as brittle edges that are easily chipped or cracked. Most rolled edges also incorporate a lot of body filler or putty to carry the rolled look over to the inner frame of the hood/trunk; and as we all know putty and or body filler adds weight and is not desirable on any component of an automotive body. These are just a few reasons why we choose not to incorporate rolled edges products.

2. Do I still have to clear coat my hood or trunk?
No, each hood and trunk is factory clear coated with a UV stable product. If you would like to re-clear coat your product any reputable body shop should be able to handle your needs.

3. Can I install my hood or trunk myself?
We recommend that a professional install your component, most reputable body shops should be able to install and adjust a hood or trunk with ease. If you are attempting to install a hood or trunk you will need a friends help. Please note that there may be some adjustment needed to your vehicles latch and hinge points to obtain a proper fit. Trunks usually require more time to set up and fit correctly, it may also be necessary to adjust the trunk springs tension, or in some cases remove them completely to allow the trunk to rest naturally. Please see our installation guide instructions (coming soon).

5. What do I do if my hood/trunk is defective?
If you feel that the product you received is defective check with our warranty policy and with our online FAQ page. By checking with these sources it will help identify if your product is actually defective or not. If you feel that your product is defective,
contact us immediately via email. Send any pictures illustrating the problem, this will aid in processing your claim. All products deemed defective by the manufacturer will either be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer's option.

6. Will my hood/trunk yellow or start to loose its clarity after it's exposed to the sun?
No, all surfaces exposed to the sun are manufactured with materials that contain UV stabilizers, and each hood/trunk is further protected with a UV stable clear coat.

7. Do I need to install hood pins?
Though each hood and trunk manufactured is equipped with a factory style latch set-up that works; all hoods still require hood pins unless otherwise noted. These hoods are the same size as the oem hoods but they are very light, thus it takes less force (or air) to move them. The hood pins are an extra safety precaution and we do not recommend attempting to use a hood without them.

8. Why doesn't the colored carbon/Kevlar hood match the color of my vehicle?
The black fiber represents the carbon fiber, while the colored fiber represents the Kevlar. All colored fibers are manufactured at the Kevlar supplier; we do not have the option of choosing different shades of colors. In general, most of the colored material is on the darker side of the color spectrum (i.e. red=crimson); this is not for all cases but it is fairly typical.

9. Why has my colored carbon/Kevlar hood has faded?
The Kevlar material is dyed with a pigment to obtain its color. Similar to paint where there are pigments added to change its color; eventually when exposed to the sun the color starts to fade. Clear coats actually aid in slowing down the rate at which the UV rays penetrate the paint causing it to fade. Likewise, with the Kevlar, it will fade after time when exposed to the sun, but the clear coat will help in slowing this process.

10. Other manufactures claim to use high quality materials to make their products, what do you use?
The hoods and trunks we sell are made with aircraft grade carbon fiber that is suitable for other applications such as, racing, aircraft, and competition marine products. The resins used have a high resistance to heat, and is more chemically stable than less expensive resins. A resin that has a high heat resistance will be less likely to react with the heat created from an engine and sunlight activity.



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