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New Subaru WRX Carbon Fiber Scoop
Carbon Fiber Scoops

Part No. CFS401
Subaru WRX 2004 SCOOP

Universal Vortex Scoops
Universal Vortex

Part No. J3017
Vortex scoop; universal

Part No. P3001
E-scoop™ Hood Scoop

Apache Twin Scoop for mitsubishi, dodge and ford
Apache Twin
Part No. P3002
Apache™ Twin Hood Scoops

PT Scoops, Chrysler PT Cruisser  Scoops
PT Scoop
Part No. J/P3017
Chrysler PT Scoop™ 00-03 with/Primer Grill Insert

Cowl Induction Scoops
Cowl Induction
Part No. JSP009
NEW! Cowl Induction Hood Scoop (Camaro Z28 Type-Universal)

ProStock Aero Scoops
Pro Stock Aero
Part No. JSP025
Pro Stock Aero Scoop (31" Overall Length)

Part No. JSP026
Pro Stock Aero Scoop (windshield type 45" Overall Length)

Part No. JSP028
"Super Mod" Low Profile Pro Stock Windshield Type Scoop

Universal Scoops
Universal Scoop

Part No. J3003
Universal Scoop


Mini Cobra Jet Part No. JSP001
Mini Cobra Jet Scoop

SCOOPS High quality carbon fiber, fiberglass or injection molded plastic construction.
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Paint and decals for display purposes only and are not included with hood scoops.
Autocrony recommends that an authorized auto-restyler or body shop install hood scoops.


































Hood Scoops    


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