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Apache Adjustable Grand Touring Spoiler

The fully adjustable Apache Super Touring Wing can be tipped up or down to improve performance and handling. Available in 3 universal sizes, with and without LED, the Apache will mount to virtually any flat surface, including truck caps, cabs and hard tonneau covers.

Apache Adjustable Grand Touring Spoiler
Rave Hyper Universal Low Drag Spoiler

If low level downforce is what you're after, or prefer the subtle stance of a lower wing, the Hyper wing is the perfect addition to your vehicle.

Rave Hyper Universal Low Drag Spoiler
Grand Touring Spoilers

Great Wing, mount virtually to any flat surface. Just measure your vehicle from outside fender to fender and preferably add at least 4 inches to find the Grand Touring Wing that's right for you.

GT Spoilers

Autocrony is pleased to offer the fully adjustable European Racing Spoiler known as the Terminator™. With this outrageous double-decker, you can change the downforce to alter the performance of your car. It will also turn heads!

Terminator Spoilers

Terminator II

Building on the wildly popular Terminator™ Line of E-Racing Wings, our Terminator 2™ Universal wings has gained some notoriety around town and on the track. This Extreme wing is one of our most popular. And for good gets noticed and says you mean business!

Terminator II Spoilers

Terminator III

If aggressive styling and a definitive look are what you're after, the JSP Terminator 3™ packs the punch you want! And the Universal pedestal design is sure to give the right fit!

Terminator III Spoilers

Mach III

Redesigned pedestals make our popular Mach III™ a universal fit for any car. The black-out endcaps reinforce that this wing means serious business on the streets and on the track!

Mach III Spoilers


Ask for the Scorpion™ Wing and add up to 12 inches of excitement to your car! Over 300 applications in this series!

Scorpion Spoilers

Mini Scorpion

If you like the look of the Scorpion™ but desire something a little less daring, the Mini-Scorpion™ could be for you. Measuring between 4.5" and 5.5" these spoilers still pack quite a sting when it comes to getting your car noticed.

Mini Scorpion Spoilers

Multi Fit Spoilers

To determine the perfect fit, just match up the outer width of the rails or the
cover to one of our six sizes.

Multi Fit Spoilers

Universal Spoilers-Wings    


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